Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any other ingredients in the chips?

No. What is listed are the only ingredients.

Why are some of the chips broken?

Our chips are hand sliced and we do not add any salt or preservatives, therefore some chips may break. But not to worry, just add the bits and pieces to your dogs food. As a matter of fact, a lot of customers comment that the only way to get their dogs to eat their food is by sprinkling some crushed chips on it.

How long do the chips last?

The chips are dehydrated so they will keep for a very long time especially if they are stored in a tightly sealed container. No refrigeration needed.

How are the chips made?

The ingredients are hand rolled and sliced and dehydrated until dried to perfection.

Can small dogs eat the treats?

Every dog can enjoy our treats. As long as the dog is old enough to chew and are not allergic to the specific ingredients, they should be fine. Always watch your dogs when they are eating and make sure they are eating properly.

Are the treats lab tested?

Yes. Our doggy treats are tested by a third party lab certified by the Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services. All products have guaranteed analysis.