Healthy All Nautral Dog Treats

Please your pet's palate with hand made treats made by dog lovers who happen to be chefs and butchers.

Who We Are

Our company started not intentionally. As a local prime meat butcher shop, we had lots of steak trimmings. One day the head butcher suggested to the chef that we should dehydrate the trim into chips for our pets. Wow! Tails started wagging. We sampled out our treats to our customers and it became an instant success. Later we added chicken treats by popular request. Now we bring in thousands of pounds of USDA meats to make the all natural treats that dogs find irresistible.

The Meating Place West

Our Mission

We strive to make only the finest and most delicious array of all-natural protein treats hand crafted with high quality ingredients without taking short cuts. As a small business we know how hard it is to compete with the big box stores. Therefore we focus on high quality and superior customer service that can only be found in like businesses. Our treats can be found in locally owned pet shops, groomers, and respected veterinarians who are at the top of their fields.